Development is a important task. But mindful secure development is much more important. In this quick blog post, I detail an unusual way in which I was able to escalate access to several production instances behind a properly secured network.

How it started.

It all started with me casually checking some traffic data for a tool I authored on GitHub. GitHub allows you to view a few stats for the past 14 days, viz. visitors, clones, etc on a repository.

A particularly interesting referring site URL caught my attention:

Hey folks,

We all have heard of CI/CDs right? I was exploring GitHub Actions and what I found was the fact that it was an extremely underrated resource which is not quite widely used for general purposes by people. In this blog post, I aim to detail how people can really benefit from CI/CDs with GitHub Actions in focus, and how one can fully exploit the resource to get the most out of it. This post is more inclined at security people, but literally anyone could use this guide to escalate up their productivity, plus a bonus at the end…

Hi folks,

Today in this post I am going to be detailing about my recent experiments with web application firewalls (WAFs) focusing on a specific type of side channel attacks, namely, timing. In my opinion, this field hasn’t been studied actively and the results can be more lethal than you’re expecting. This post is already long, so lets get started rightaway. :)

Side Channel Attacks?

Wikipedia defines side-channel attacks as:

An attack based on information gained from the implementation of a computer system, rather than weaknesses in the implemented algorithm itself.

So basically we are extracting/learning sensitive info which shouldn’t be known to…


I am just an Infected Geek. \o/

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