Development is a important task. But mindful secure development is much more important. In this quick blog post, I detail an unusual way in which I was able to escalate access to several production instances behind a properly secured network.

How it started.

It all started with me casually checking some traffic data…

Hey folks,

We all have heard of CI/CDs right? I was exploring GitHub Actions and what I found was the fact that it was an extremely underrated resource which is not quite widely used for general purposes by people. In this blog post, I aim to detail how people can…

Hi folks,

Today in this post I am going to be detailing about my recent experiments with web application firewalls (WAFs) focusing on a specific type of side channel attacks, namely, timing. In my opinion, this field hasn’t been studied actively and the results can be more lethal than you’re…


I am just an Infected Geek. \o/

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